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Open Source Aquaponics

Collection of ideas, thoughts, links, code and related items to an Open Source Aquaponics setup being constructed by boris_G (Shane).

Open Garden
Open Aquarium
Open Aquaponics Add On Board

Wyolum A La Mode for RaspberryPi
LinkIt ONE - Interesting little gateway device, I'm sure an ethernet shield could be added, and used as a GSM gateway for data backup and SMS. Has external antennae ports.

Plan 9 for RaspberryPi - Look for "Miller" in the Contrib Index.
Inferno for RaspberryPi

Pete Elmore's Inferno series
9 Grid Chan
Plan 9 Docs

Comparison of fish grown in Australia aquaponics systems - Reading through this page, it looks like, at an outset, that it would be best to grow jade perch, because they're "bulletproof" and catfish, because they are bottom feeders and will keep the pool clean.
Yabbie growing tips, and converting water totes to grow beds - General information.
Aquaponics Books