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Equipment Wanted

At the second meeting it was agreed upon to make a list of tools and equipment needed and wanted for the Makerspace. The list is split into two groups, high priority and future wishlist.

To start I've created a list based on previous lists from other Makerspaces.

Remember this is a wiki and you can add any other equipment you would like to see at the space to this list.

If you have things on this list you would like to donate or loan, it would be greatly appreciated by the whole group, please just make a note in the space provided at the bottom. :)

(October 2014 - we have quite a few of these items now, see Equipment)

Higher priority (cheap)

General Hand tools - screw drivers (precision, flat and Phillips), side cutters, pliers, tweezers, hex keys, shifters & spanners, files & rasps, sandpaper, hammers, rulers & tape measures, art knives, clamps, general

Power Tools - Hot glue gun.

Electronics - Soldering irons/stations, multimeters, electronic part bins, kits, Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards, assorted components, UV light (for UV glues, building PCB boards)

Mechanical - assorted fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts etc.)

Safety - first aid kit, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, smoke detector

Storage/Furniture - Component storage, plastic tubs, personal lockers (probably not enough space at the moment), office chairs (we already have basic plastic chairs)

Computing - Old computers in working order (plus peripherals), laser printer

Misc - rubbish bins, microwave, fan

Future wishlist (Expensive)

Machinery and power tools -engraver, bandsaw, heat gun, angle grinder, bench sander, mitre saw, welding gear, lathe, mill, jig-saw, handheld router, CNC router or mill (as a group project maybe?), laser cutter (also a good group project)

Electronics - oscilloscopes (analog & digital), logic analyzer, hot air rework station, reflow oven, bench power supplies, spectrum analyser

Computing - permanent nas or server, projector, speakers

Misc. - vending machine

Donations List

Alex McClung: Happy to donate an old Netgear Wireless AP (Running DD-WRT OS), some misc hand tools and some storage tubs.

Remy Dyer:

Steve M: Drill Press, powerboards, toolbox, hammer, chisels, tape measure, soldering iron, whiteboard.

Ned: Power Drill, soldering iron, multimeter*2, LED strips, probably some other components

Casablanca: Desks, Chairs, space, locker.

Adrian: Server rack (would appreciate help with a trailer or ute to move this if it can be used).

Available for loan

Ned: power saw, Jigsaw, plunge router, biscuit cutter, electric plane, hands saw.

Steve M: I have a Ute and can help move anything that we need.

Tool storage