Newcastle Makerspace is at 21 Gordon St, Hamilton, around the back, through the gate.

Meeting times:

Everybody is welcome to attend our public meetings, which are held:

  • Every 1st Sunday of the month, usually around 10:30am
  • The Monday night of the next week, usually around 6pm.
  • On the 3rd Sunday of the month, we will have a "Fix-It Day", and possibly a BBQ (starting around 10:30am)

The 2015 meeting schedule:

  • Sunday 1st March - 10:00 AM - Musical 3.5" floppy drives
  • Monday 9th March - 6:30 PM - Installing a TV for talks / demos / project visualisation
  • Sunday 5th April - 10:00 AM - Meetup - Raspberry Pi 'cluster'
  • Monday 13th April - 6:30 PM - Meetup - Saltstack on Raspberry Pi
  • Sunday 19th April - 10:00 AM - Meetup - 3D printing an adjustable Z-axis endstop
  • Sunday 3rd May - 10:00 AM - Meetup
  • Monday 11th May - 6:30 PM - We need some volunteers for a demo or talk!
  • Sunday 17th May - 10:00 AM - Meetup
  • Sunday 7th June - 10:00 AM - Meetup
  • Monday 15th June - 6:30 PM - We need some volunteers for a demo or talk!
  • Sunday 21st June - 10:00 AM - Meetup

The space is open irregularly at other times.

Contact and links

Our main method of communication is our Mailing List. Feel free to join it (usually low-volume, with sporadic bursts of activity).

We also have a Facebook Group that we post announcements and random things to.

There is a Wordpress Blog (which will eventually be migrated to this site).

All our codez go in our Github repository . Pull request away!

You might also find some of us idling in the #newcastle channel on irc.freenode.net.

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