Newcastle Makerspace is at 21 Gordon St, Hamilton, around the back, through the gate. View Map

Meeting times:

Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday of the month, usually around 6pm.

Every following Sunday of the month, usually around 10:30am.

Organisation meetings at the first Sunday meeting of the month.
The space is open irregularly at other times.

We are a Makerspace, (or Hackerspace). The basic concept is a not-for-profit communal space, that anyone can use, with access to communal tools and shared skills, to make or fix things. This might be for example, a sewing space, an electronics space, a woodworking space, a metal working space, a mechanical repairs/maintenance space etc. Newcastle Makerspace is currently fairly electronics-focussed, but we're not about setting limits, and if you want to bring in other ideas/skills/tools, then feel free!